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Unparallel Rug Cleaning Services In South San Francisco

Rugs are a utilitarian investment. As is the case with any investment, rugs too need some caring from time to time. Regardless of how well you take care of your rug or how extensively it is used, you would have to consider rug cleaning at some point in time. When that time comes, you should consider our unparallel rug cleaning services in South San Francisco.

What Makes Our Rug Cleaning Services Unparallel?

Surely there are many companies in South San Francisco that would offer you professional rug cleaning and might just make a similar claim as us. Well, here’s what makes us different.

  • We have hands-on experience and proven expertise of cleaning all kinds of rugs. As you may be aware, there are woolen rug, synthetic rugs, silk rugs, handmade rugs and custom-made rugs. Then there are precious antique rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs and Afghan rugs among others. No two types of rugs according to their categorization will demand the same approach. While the exact method of rug cleaning may only need some tweaking, it is still important. There are companies that have considerable experience and may have well trained rug cleaners but we are one rare company that has actually worked on all these types of rugs. In addition to knowledge and training, we have hands-on experience to cleaning all types of rugs.
  • Rug cleaning is a relatively challenging job. Ordinary cleaning isn’t very complicated but when you take into consideration the chances of your rug getting discolored or the fabric getting damaged, it is then that rug cleaning becomes complicated. Have you ever had an experience when your rugs have been discolored or have lost their splendor after a professional rug cleaning? If yes, then you know how painful and heartbreaking an experience it can be. If not, then you should avoid signing up for any rug cleaning service that will bring you to that encounter. We take immense care to ensure that we don’t use a wrong cleaning agent. While we always use green cleaning agents and environment friendly approaches, it is still necessary to ensure that every fabric and every type of rug is treated the way it should.
  • Rugs get exposed to various kinds of stains. Ink, oil, tar, adhesives, blood and urine are just some of the various kinds of stains that a rug would be exposed to. In all of South San Francisco, we are the most proficient in rug cleaning that can get rid of all types of stains, with certainty.
  • Our rug cleaning service is also unparallel because we can attend to rug restoration at the same time. We specialize in biding and cutting, fringe repair and color bleeding. We can also provide padding for area rugs.

Call us at 650-241-0230 and get a free quote and complimentary consultation on rug cleaning.


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