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Our Upholstery Cleaning Services In South San Francisco Can Make Any Furniture Look New

Every piece of furniture in your home or office will age. Some furniture age gracefully, like hardwood.  Some furniture will age quickly and rather awkwardly, like wrought iron. Then there are some materials which are quite resistant to positive or negative impacts of ageing, such as high grade steel and brass. But one thing that will adversely contribute to the attributes of any furniture is upholstery. Even if the framework of the furniture is as good as new, the moveable or functional parts of the furniture are efficient and there is nothing wrong in the set piece structurally, the furniture will look unpleasant due to dirty or stained upholstery.

With our upholstery cleaning and maintenance, any furniture in your home or office in South San Francisco can look as good as new.

We Specialize In All Kinds Of Upholstery

It can be your leather recliner, the leatherette chair in your study, the comfy couch in your living room that’s wrapped in some fabric or the synthetic or natural fabric curtains in your home. We specialize in all kinds of upholstery, regardless of its use and the material it is made of. Our staffs are trained in upholstery cleaning and they have hands-on experience in dealing with all types of upholstery. When you hire our services, you are relying on our years of experience and proven expertise.

Green Upholstery Cleaning & Effective Restoration

We do not endorse or practice any type of cleaning other than green cleaning. Our cleaning agents are organic, our methods of upholstery cleaning are environment friendly and we also choose the specific method depending on the type of fabric a piece of upholstery is made of and the level of restoration it demands. Your upholstery may have been damaged to an extent, it may be untidy or it may have discolored due to dirt buildup. Not only we would ensure that all such unpleasant realities are dealt with but we would also prevent your upholstery from getting damaged further. There are many cleaning methods that can damage the fabrics of your upholstery, some methods lead to discoloration and some aggressive techniques can also rip the upholstery of its splendor. With our upholstery cleaning services in South San Francisco, none of these would be a concern for you.

The Most Pragmatic Approach To Upholstery Cleaning

We have a very well chalked out approach to upholstery cleaning. When you first contact us, we offer you a free consultation and a free quote. We inspect your upholstery and make recommendations. If needed, we review the quote to present you an accurate proposition. It is only then that we get down to actually cleaning your upholstery and restoring it. We also take care of all the uninstalling and reinstalling of all upholstery. We have a team of specialists for that as well.


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